Lovingly known as "GOD'S PROJECT" where the seeds of learning are planted and nurtured in the garden of New Beginnings and Infinite Possibilities! Where, through a values-based curriculum, and a caring partnership between home and school, each "Special Child" grows in the knowledge of:


In Kindergarten, students learn to identify God as a Creator who loves all people. Students reflect on their role in caring for God's creation. Kindergarteners at St. John's School discuss and share how they thank God for all that they have been given. The students also recognize that prayer is talking with God. They learn about how the Holy Family is an example for all families, and that Mary is the Mother of God. Experiences in Mass and prayer services help the students to demonstrate reverence in Church. Kindergarteners listen to and retell Bible stories. They learn some important words and actions of Jesus and focus on how a Kindergartener can follow Jesus' commandment to "love one another." Students in Kindergarten learn to recognize the needs of the poor, reflect on and demonstrate the importance of giving and sharing, and gain a deeper appreciation of different cultures.

Language Arts

In Kindergarten, students learn about letters, words, and sounds and apply this knowledge to begin reading sentences. They build comprehension skills by identifying the basic facts of stories. They begin writing short sentences and begin speaking in coherent sentences. They can retell familiar stories and predict what will happen in stories.


In Kindergarten, students count, compare and classify objects by attribute; identify and extend patterns by shape, size or color; explore the concept of time using tools such as a calendar or clock; compare length, weight and capacity of objects; and describe geometric shapes such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, cube, sphere and cone.

Social Studies

In Kindergarten, students are introduced to relationships, including how one event is connected to another and how geography affects events. They learn about historical figures, individual responsibility and the rules that govern society, the backgrounds of American citizens and the basics of local and national governments.


In Kindergarten, students identify major structures of common plants and animals (for example, stems, leaves, arms, wings) as well as characteristics of mountains, rivers, oceans and deserts. They perform all kinds of investigations, such as sorting objects by one or more physical attribute. They learn to apply the scientific method to all forms of learning.

Fine Arts

In Kindergarten, students create, perform and participate in visual arts. They apply artistic processes and skills, using a variety of media. Beginning skills in the use of tools and processes are demonstrated, such as the use of scissors, glue, and paper. They draw and paint pictures to express feelings and explore ideas, both real and imaginary. In music, students sing age-appropriate songs from memory. Through the playing of simple instruments and dance movements, they demonstrate awareness of beat, tempo and melody.

Kindergartners connect and apply what they learn. They develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources that contribute to lifelong learning.

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