Parent-Teacher Group

The PTG (Parent Teacher Group) consists of hardworking and dedicated volunteers. Their duties consist of, but are not limited to, providing appropriate support and coordination with The Family Service & Fundraising Programs. These programs were developed to coordinate all of the school families for volunteer services.

Our mission is in acknowledgment of our school philosophy, the Parent Teacher Group of St. John the Baptist joins with its membership of all school families to promote community and give service. Recognizing its role in the organizational structure of the school, the Parent Teacher Group works in partnership with the administration, teachers, and parish, to foster community spirit and social interaction. Accepting the responsibility of providing financial support to the school, the Parent Teacher Group supplies the organizational framework for the Family Service Program, which facilitates fundraising and provides a network of volunteers and needed services. The Parent Teacher Group strives to contribute to the realization of the school’s goals and objectives and the perpetuity of quality Catholic education.

If you would like more information, or have questions or concerns on any of the fundraisers or family services, please feel free to contact the PTG directly at .

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