Faculty & Staff

Administrative Team

Mr. Christopher Brazil



Mrs. Pamela Greteman

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Staff

Mrs. Barbara Knox

Admissions Director
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Anne McIntosh


Mrs. Cathy Nakagami

Advancement Director


Mrs. Myriam Fuentes

Pre-Kindergarten Director & Lead Teacher

Sr. Tess Diana

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Aneela Amer

1st Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Sandy Shales

2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Renee Martin

3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Adrienne Hardee-Elliott

4th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Joanne Laus

5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Ariel Navotas

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher
6th/7th/8th Math
6th/7th/8th Science

Ms. Celia Vollov

7th Grade Homeroom Teacher
6th/7th/8th Language Arts

Mr. Joshua Dempsey

8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
6th/7th/8th Religion
6th/7th/8th Social Studies

Sr. Lisa Abellaniza

6th/7th/8th Math

Sr. Norie Noman

Music Teacher
Choir Director
Instructional Aide

Mrs. Erlien Sukendro


Mr. Vince Lindo

Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Arlene Ang

STEM Lab Coordinator


Mr. Eric Knox

Instructional Aide
Robotics Instructor

Sr. Lisa Abellaniza

6th/7th/8th Math

Sr. Myrna Arcegono

Instructional Aide

Mrs. Clarita Lobyoc

Extended Care Staff

Ms. Nora Ramos

Extended Care Staff

Ms. Daphne Librero

Extended Care Staff

Mrs. Evalisa Tuason

Athletic Director

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