1st Grade

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  • Toy Drive with Milpitas Fire Department
  • Celebration of All Major Festivals
  • Field Trips
  • Spanish instruction weekly
  • Buddy Activities with 6th Grade
  • Preparing Mass with 6th Grade
  • Polar Express Train Ride
  • Classroom Aide for lower student-educator ratio
  • Weekly coding instruction

I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me!

My name is Aneela H Amer. This my third year at St. John the Baptist. I worked at the Diocese of Oakland for three years. I have over 15 years of experience in teaching.

I graduated from high school at a Convent of Jesus and Mary. I have earned two bachelor's degrees (B.A. & B.Ed), along with Masters degrees in English Literature (University of Punjab) and Education (from King’s College London, England). My accomplishments include certificates in Classic English from Stanford University, CA and I possess Multiple Subject Teaching credentials. Currently, I am working on a Doctorate from Cal State East Bay, Hayward. 

As a Catholic educator, it is my utmost desire to work for the Glory of God. My philosophy of education is to unlock the God-given potential of each child. I practice this in my classroom every day by teaching my students to try their best, practice, ask questions, solve problems, and take their time. 

Teaching is my passion, and my philosophy is to respect and appreciate each child’s astuteness.  And to further unlock the hidden abilities of each child through efficient teaching and learning. For me each child is unique, and each child needs to be nurtured so that they may excel in education!!

Curriculum Resources & Apps

  • Language Arts: Series is Journeys, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - ELA Journeys are designed to develop strong foundational skills along with to develop critical thinking for 1st graders. Journeys are authentic comprehensive program to fulfill the 1st grade reading needs and develop reading, comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary skills.
  • Language Arts Apps: Lexia, Reading A-Z (RAZ Kids) - The use of Lexia reading app is to provide extra support to strengthen the phonics and reading skills for 1st graders.
  • Go Math: By Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Go Math provides evolving curriculum to meet the 1st graders needs and to prepare 1st graders for advanced mathematical, algebraic, and geometrical skills.
  • Math Apps: ST Math, Think Central - The use of ST Math app and Think Central app provides the  opportunity to 1st grade students to strengthen their mathematical, algebraic, and geometrical skills through interactive games that incorporates the latest thinking in its comprehensive approach and engages digital natives with cross-platform technology.
  • Science and Social Studies - Interactive Science series followed in 1st grade based on NGSS Standards. This program allows the young inventors to investigate everyday science around them. This, combined with STEM Lab experiments, further prepares 1st graders to participate in School Annual Science Projects.

    In social studies 1st graders discovered the differences between communities and draw connections between them through the study of cultures, communities, geography and history. First  graders also  discuss social current events through the celebration of Black History Month, MLK Day, Veterans Day, and President's Day.

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