Learning Expectations

Upon completion of eighth grade, a St. John the Baptist School student will be:

A person of faith who:

  • Demonstrates “Christ-like” values of compassion, service, and prayer.
  • Actively participates in school and parish liturgies.
  • Is responsible and makes good choices.
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of Catholic doctrine and traditions.


A life-long learner who is:


  • Able to demonstrate mastery of basic skills.
  • Self-motivated and cooperative.
  • An effective communicator.
  • A critical thinker.
  • Able to use all learning tools effectively and responsibly.


A socially and emotionally well-rounded individual who:


  • Is a responsible citizen.
  • Helps and respects all of God's people and all living things.
  • Demonstrates leadership and self-esteem.
  • Has an understanding of his/her gifts and areas for growth.
  • Demonstrates self-discipline.
  • Shows a cheerful and polite attitude.


A physically well-balanced individual who:


  • Shows both teamwork and self-reliance.
  • Plays honestly and fairly.
  • Cares for and respects his or her body and is aware of health issues.
  • Recognizes the importance of and chooses nutritious food.
  • Regularly engages in healthy physical activity.

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