In Pre-Kindergarten students grow in knowing, loving, and serving God, our creator. Students develop an awareness of the presence of God in themselves, and learn that each person is a child of God. Students also learn age-appropriate prayers from memory, such as the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and Glory Be. We celebrate the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus in an age-appropriate manner. Students explore the wonders of creation as gifts of God, learning that we need to love and care for his creation. Throughout the year Pre-Kindergarteners demonstrate Christian attitudes toward others, through taking turns, listening, helping, caring, sharing, loving and thanking one another.

Language Arts

Designed to be developmentally appropriate and child centered, students develop basic concepts that will help them to be successful in their futures. Through daily activities Pre-Kindergarteners will develop important skills such as listening comprehension, speaking and conversation, sentence structure when speaking, and oral vocabulary. Students learn how to follow rules such as raising one’s hand, waiting one’s turn, speaking one at a time. They Identify upper and lower case letters, identify the initial sounds of a word, retell or dramatize stories, print letters of the alphabet, and write their name. Students love to participate in storytime, rhyming games, and sing nursery rhymes in the Pre-Kindergarten. Technology is also integrated into our classroom instruction. With age-appropriate apps and programs students are given the chance to use iPads in the classroom. They learn how to interact with their classmates by encouraging collaboration, make their own decisions and think for themselves.


In Pre-Kindergarten, students are introduced to different age-appropriate math concepts such as shapes, numbers, patterns, comparison, sorting, matching, classification by colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. With daily activities, manipulatives, practice, and a multisensory approach; students will be able to identify and write numbers up to 20, sort common items into various classifications, identify position (top-bottom), and other mathematical concepts that will contribute to their success.

Fine Arts

Students in this class are encouraged to develop their imagination, curiosity, creativity and uniqueness through hands-on projects and activities. They will also experience dance, music and drama through play. Drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting and painting are just some of the joyful ways given to students to express themselves.

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