6th Grade

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Mr. Matthew Nguyen

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Nguyen, and I am  the 6th grade Homeroom teacher as well as the middle school Math and Science teacher (6th-8th). I am so excited to serve a community that is rooted in love, service, and faith. I am beyond grateful to be here. Ever since kindergarten, I have attended Catholic Schools. Inspired by a Jesuit Education in high school, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame and am currently working towards my M.Ed. there in the ACE program.

Prior to entering the SJBS community, I was involved in special education, adolescent psychiatric services, and educational psychology research at Notre Dame. My passions and academic background lie within adolescent development and developmental neuroscience, hence the reason why I chose to enter education. I am constantly inspired by the innate hope, potential, and resilience inherent in each child and hope to assist them as they grow into incredible humans. 

As our community strives to educate the whole child, my goal is to bring our students to their fullest potential as individuals who are capable of making a difference in this world. It is my hope that they will become confident and independent individuals ready to take on whatever may come their way! Our classroom will be a vibrant, uplifting, and fulfilling environment as we journey through this year in both math and science.

Curriculum Resources & Apps

  • Math
    • Big Ideas Math (Textbook and Curriculum): Research-based curriculum providing a rigorous, focused, and coherent curriculum that balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency. 
    • ALEKS: Adaptive assessment and learning system aimed at Mastery and retention.
    • Desmos, Three Act Math Tasks, Open Middle: Guided math tasks and activities supporting main instruction that help extend and refine problem-solving, conceptual understanding, and application.
  • Science
    • STEMscopes (Textbook and Curriculum): comprehensive digital resources, supplemental print materials, and hands on exploration kits that drive engagement and academic growth; students are engaged in discovery, explicit instruction, and hands-on activities
    • STEM Lab: Weekly time in STEM Lab for activities and experiments aligned with current lessons and topics of interest. Students will be exposed to scientific inquiry processes that prepare them for future science classes and/or careers. 

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