6th Grade

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Ms. Hannah Morris

Hello Saint John the Baptist Community! My name is Hannah Morris, and I will be the 6th grade Homeroom teacher. I will also be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math and science. I am excited to be a part of a well-established and divinely animated community that seeks to be faith-filled and family-oriented as it educates the whole child. My ultimate goal is to imitate Christ the Teacher through word and behavior. I look forward to serving your scholars academically while also answering the call to accompany them emotionally, communally, and spiritually.

Within the community of the classroom, I am dedicated to having an open mindset, welcoming diverse backgrounds, holding students to high standards, and forming deep, trusting relationships with my students and their families. I recognize that the family serves as the primary educator, and I am grateful for the role you are entrusting me to play. I do not take this responsibility lightly, so please know that I am more than willing to engage in conversation surrounding your scholar’s holistic wellbeing.

This year our class will embark on the exciting learning endeavor toward academic excellence and faith formation. In order to fruitfully do so, scholars are expected to remain respectful of themselves and others, always arrive to class prepared, and practice any/all safety precautions. 

Our class environment will be welcoming to everyone, emphasizing that everyone belongs by simply being their most authentic self. As a part of the St. John community, your scholar is sharpening their identity as a “person of faith, life-long learner, socially and emotionally well-rounded individual, and physically well-balanced individual.” I am looking forward to this year of growth and celebration.


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