Updates on County COVID-19 Mandates, Including Travel Quarantine

March 11, 2021  ·  Updated: March 18, 2021

Dear SJBS Community,

As you may be aware, as of last week the County entered the “red” tier, allowing for expanded activities, including the resumption of indoor dining (25% capacity), indoor retail (50% capacity), gyms/fitness centers (10% capacity), movie theaters (25% capacity or 100 people), zoos/museums/aquariums (25% indoor capacity). Our parish is also holding indoor worship once again (at 20% capacity).

The county has also ended the travel mandate that required a 10-day quarantine for travel into the county from a distance of 150 miles or more. Unnecessary travel is still discouraged and a quarantine period is still encouraged on a voluntary basis.

These lessening of restrictions come in response to the decrease in COVID-19 cases across the Bay Area. However, the County also urges all residents to continue to exercise caution and care so that the cases do continue to go down. As we know from the history of these past 12 months, it is easy to relax precautions during periods when cases are going down. Mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand-washing are still critical behaviors in ensuring that the cases continue to go down. It is not yet time to resume indoor gatherings for people who are not already part of the same “bubble.” We are still urged to avoid unnecessary crowds and activities outside the home. While it’s human nature to use an improved situation as an excuse to end precautionary behavior, we are all best served by continuing to do what is currently working until this pandemic really does come to an end.

On the school campus, all of our protocols continue in full force and will not change through the end of the school year. Requirements for schools are necessarily more stringent than for the rest of the community, and our adherence to these requirements as a school is helping to keep students, staff, and families safer.

For access to reminders/updates about COVID safety in Santa Clara County, click this link.

Thank you all for the care, caution, and cooperation that your families have shown in helping our school navigate this time while continuing to educate all our students.

God bless you and your families,

Mr. Brazil

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